Q. Can anyone attend as a visitor?

A. Yes, the Indie Comix Fest is open to everyone.

Q. Is there an entry fee?

A. Entry is free for all visitors.

Q. Are children allowed?

A. Absolutely! Children are always welcome. If the children can vouch for their parents, then the parents are also welcome. Please be advised that some comics and material on sale and display are not appropriate for children. These materials are marked as such.

Q. Can I bring my pet with me?

A. Some venues may allow you to bring a pet. Do inquire about the same.

Q. Can I bring food and water?

A. Yes. Please do. We have drinking water at the venue, but, depending on the venue, there may be food for sale. If you’re planning on spending the entire day at the fest, we recommend you bring your meals with you. The availability of tables and a separate area to eat would vary from venue to venue. Please inquire about the same.



Q. What would be considered a comic?

A. There needs to be some sort of a narrative in sequential images and text. The illustrations and the text need to complement each other. This narrative can be in a single panel, or spread across pages. The comic needs to be a printed copy, and have multiple pages. If you make single-panel comics, you can combine them into a booklet.

Q. Is there a participation fee for creators?

A. Yes, there is a nominal fee of Rs. 500 for a table.

Q. Can anyone participate?

A. Yes, as long as you have a comic to share!

Q. I have a self-published black & white comic. Is that acceptable?

A. Yes.

Q. I have a couple of single-page or single-panel comics. Is that acceptable?

A. Yes. You can sell those comics as single pages or collect them as a book. Both ways are acceptable.

Q. I have a web-comic of my own. Can I participate?

A. At the Indie Comix Fest, we’re encouraging printed comics. So please have a few hard copies of your web-comic printed out and kept on sale.

Q. I have some zines on sale. Is that allowed?

A. While there is a very thin line separating a “comic” from a “zine” in most cases, we’re a platform for expression through comics. A quick rule of thumb is, if your publication has more text than visuals, then it’s not a comic. Please reach out to us if you’re unsure if your publication fits the bill or not.

Q. My comic is a collection of pages in a plastic folder or stapled. Can I still sell it?

A. Yes, but please try to sell a well-made comic. Several comic creators started their careers selling photocopied and stapled comics. They moved on once they gained experience. If you need any help printing, please drop us a line as we can recommend printers who can help you locally or pan-India.

Q. Can I sell merchandise based on my comics and original creations?

A. We allow only comics and paper merchandise such as posters, art prints, and postcards. Physical merch such as mugs, t-shirts, batches and keychains aren’t allowed, as they dilute the spirit of the fest. Please feel free to have a leaflet about these if you sell them elsewhere, such as your own website.

Q. Can I get a refund if I have to cancel my registration?

A. Sorry! Once you’ve paid the registration fee and confirmed your participation, we will not be able to issue you a refund or cancel your table.